What is your MOQ that can be made for contract manufacturing / private label and wholesale? Our wholesale MOQ is $200, however, that also is dependent on your approved credit limit. For private contract manufacturing / private label, we can explore any range from 1 to 10,000+

Can I use my own fragrance? I mean, I have one already! You sure can, that is entirely up to you, however we do recommend that we do some application testing to ensure your oil is a match for our wax. If no, we may be able to match it to ensure it it. However, we will discuss if this test is needed.

I have my own label. Can I use it? Of course you can. If you have your own label and packaging, you are most welcome to use it. In fact, you can deliver it to us for final packaging and dispatch if needed. he choice is yours.

Tell me more about your fragrances? Our preferred fragrances are Australian made and compounded. However, due to a MOQ the option is available for you to choose our ‘ready available’ fragrances. It is our recommendation that you choose our Australian compounded fragrance to ensure quality and integration with our waxes.