The team at Wicked Candle Company is one of a kind and together have formed the dynamic trio. The directors of Wicked Candle Company Nick, Paul & Shane all come from different back grounds of customer service, hospitality, logistics, procurement & business management. The one thing that Nick, Paul & Shane are connected by, is their service to Australia as members of the Royal Australian Navy and to this day, the values of Navy and portrayed through the operations of Wicked Candle Company and its related businesses.

The concept of Wicked Candle Company was born in 2010 with a small ‘at home’ business. In five short years, Wicked Candle Company has grown to the point where it imports directly from suppliers and has its own manufacturing facility in Rockingham, on the West Australian coastline.

If it wasn’t for our customers, we would not be here, so it goes with out saying that customer satisfaction is of the up most importance to the Wicked Candle Company team. We value your feedback, so please, let us know how we are doing and where we can improve. We can always do better.

We are looking forward to doing business with you,




Nick, Paul & Shane